(Musings from The Heights, aka Boston College)

First a few numbers.  When the Boston College football team opens its 2016 season against Georgia Tech in Dublin, Ireland on Sept. 3, it will be 516 days since the Eagles won an Atlantic Coast Conference game in football or men’s basketball.

It will be 643 days since the Eagles last won an ACC football game.

One of the cliches which coaches like to use is that there is no carry over effect from season to season in terms of losing-or–winning. Each chapter is new and the past is not prologue for what will happen.

But in the case of Boston College an exception must be made.  In watching more than a dozen seasons on a consistent basis and following the ups and downs of BC football for more than 25 seasons, I can’t remember a more important opening game for the Eagles than Georgia Tech. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.