On Tuesday, Aug. 16, the character known as “Rankman” officially spouts off another season of lies, damn lies, statistics, favoritism, altruism, cronyism, low blows, cheap shots, Lubbock jokes,  sanctimonious pithiness, phony-baloney self righteousness,  SEC-baiting and illegal sentence formations.  The only thing different is his posting address. He’s moving from the Los Angeles Times, where he toiled for 34 years, the last 20 as the paper’s national college football\basketball columnist, to the website venture known as The Media Guides.

That’s right, the sniveling coward and countdown king is hiding being a pay wall he built and then–get this–demanded  New Mexico State pay for.  Why on god’s Michigan State green earth would anyone pay to read the brain-droppings of a demented West Coast defender who graduated from a school that dropped Division 1 football  more than 20 years ago?

Answer: well, hey, it may be crap, but what a bargain! Think of it like that old Yogi Berra joke about driving: “We’re lost but we’re making great time!”

A subscription to TMG is roughly the cost of a daily newspaper…in 1950. If we weren’t called TMG we might be “The Daily Nickel.” Ask yourself the question: are the collective brain cells of Rankman worth three draft pours of Firestone 805 a year? Or, five cups of a cafe latte at Starbucks?

Maybe not, but this will be the only place you can get the man who once dubbed powerful Pac 12 Commissioner: “Larry, King of Scotts.”

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