Clay Helton said his first day of camp as USC’s permanent coach felt like waking up on Christmas morning.

He may have a different feeling Sept. 4, the day after USC plays Alabama at AT&T Stadium. That might feel more like Dec. 26 after too much Ebenezer Booze.

He may feel worse knowing USC’s bookstore is selling “Roll Tears Roll” t-shirts, which isn’t even that clever and about as smart as poking your finger in a bee hive.

USC fans would be better served with a shirt goofing on Lane Kiffin, its former coach, who won a national title last year as Alabama’s offensive coordinator, but maybe “You Showed Us” is not really that funny.

That said, there is much to like about this year’s Trojans, who have finally clawed back from those ridiculous, in retrospect, NCAA sanctions. USC is nearly back to 85 scholarships and has as many skill-position stars as any team in America. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.