The story made headlines because it was college football–and because it was Notre Dame.

Friday Night lights turned into Friday Night Flashing Lights when 5 Irish football players were in a car which was stopped by police for speeding. A hand gun was discovered and so was marijuana. Five arrests.

In another incident a Notre Dame football player was arrested on preliminary charges of felony battery against a police officer and misdemeanor resisting a police officer. That one, involving cornerback Devin Butler, could have some serious consequences.

And Notre Dame, as usual, was quick to react. Football coach Brian Kelly, announced that senior safety Max Redfield, one of the 5 players arrested following a traffic stop had been dismissed from the team and that Butler was suspended indefinitely.  The other four players would be subject to disciplinary measures internal to the football program.

Notre Dame bashers will undoubtedly feast on this incident, which could prompt a series of responses and jokes such as “”Pat-down Jesus”” or  “”Knute Rockne: Bail Bondsman””.

Such is life in the fast lane of college football in the social media society which currently exists. Such is life under The Golden Dome that is Notre Dame.

In the overall world, this looks like just case of college kids acting like college kids on a near end of summer Friday night although felony battery against a police officer needs to be looked at with greater concern.  The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.