When Chris Petersen left Boise State to become the head coach at Washington he also brought a 92-12 record and a resume which suggested he knew how to build as well as he knew how to coach.

But Boise State wasn’t an On Broadway production. Oh, Boise was a rising star, but for much of the season in the Mountain West Conference, the Broncos didn’t have the spotlight turned on what they were  doing or how they were doing it.

Chris Petersen was happy in that environment, which is one of the reasons why he dodged offers from some Pac-12 schools and other Power 5 conferences.  But when Washington called a few years ago, Peterson moved.  It was the Pac-12, but it wasn’t LA. It wasn’t all bright lights and big city stuff.  The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.