TMG College Sports is pleased to announce today it has filled the posted opening for writer to chronicle\monitor\second guess and otherwise disabuse the Southeastern Conference.

TMG elected to go in house and hire its former copy boy:


Before you cough up your grits, consider:

It’s true this venerable participle dangler was born in surf’s up Southern California, far from Toomer’s Corner, but also true he has covered every SEC national title victory starting with Tennessee’s in 1998.

Rankman has poked his share of fun at the SEC,  yet recent emails released by WikiLeaks revealed a secret, puppy-love crush for the league that concocted  the BCS and then gerrymandered the system to its advantage.

A psychiatrist once told Rankman his sleights of the SEC were likely an overcompensation reflex to appease his left-coast upbringing and readership.

The Pac 12’s failure, however, to satisfactorily provide for its fans has allowed “SEC-creep” to infiltrate the hearts and minds of  Southlanders from San Pedro to Pico Rivera.

“Because I have DirecTV, which doesn’t carry the Pac 12 Network, I have probably seen more SEC games in the last five years,” Rankman admitted to TMG. “I watched  so much SEC on TV it almost became like Stockholm Syndrome in that I basically fell in love with my captors.” The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here