It’s time to unleash the listing monster: Rankmanstein? No, it’s RankmanSTEEN. God bless you, Gene Wilder. Rankman has changed addresses to TMG but other than that it’s the same tub of language large. Each season we lay down the ground rules. These rankings are for entertainment purposes only. Also: No biting, gouging, expectorating, exfoliating, or loitering around the restroom down near “first four out.” There are also no operators standing by, no lifeguards on duty and no time for sergeants. The white zone continues to be for loading, and unloading, of Arkansas Coach Bret Bielema only. There is no chipping in the putting area, or putting in the chipping area. Field goal kickers, remember to replace your divots. Let’s all have a fun time this season cheering, or jeering, for old Notre Dame. Lou Holtz wants us all to relax, open a bottle of Crown Royal, and enjoy the biased east-coast coverage. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.