Questions the “Rankman” asked at various points during the day:

–Is it time to liquidate the Southeastern Conference and sell off the best parts and\or Missouri.

–Is Houston the best team, not in the American Athletic, but in America the Beautiful?

–Is UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen a top NFL pick in the first round, or the fifth?

–Did USC hire the wrong coach to replace Steve Sarkisian?

–Is Alabama going to defy Rankman’s axiom and become the first team in three decades to win a national title with a true-freshman quarterback? It would the first time since Oklahoma and Jamelle Holieway.

–Should Lane Kiffin have, after calling a brilliant game against his old school, gone to DFW airport afterward just to, you know, wish USC a safe trip home? Since getting fired on the tarmac at LAX,  Kiffin has won a national championship and drubbed the team that canned him. How much left can there be on his bucket list?

–Has the SEC become “Alabama and 13 Pylons?”

What an emotional roller-coaster day it was, knowing this is no way to properly structure a sentence. The topper of toppers was the University of South Alabama shocking Mississippi State in Starkville—prompting the singing of anthems and calls of “USA!, USA!, USA!”

Word is Colin Kaepernick didn’t know whether to sit, kneel or stand. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.