“Mr. Postman, look and see. Is there a letter in your bag for me?”

The Marvelettes

Rankman’s got a brand new (mail) bag:

I’m so bummed my Irish didn’t live up to your No.1 ranking. Any way they crawl back into the CFP?

Brian Clark

Be bummed not, Brian, because I don’t think a double-overtime loss at Texas on Labor Day has eliminated Notre Dame from anything other than Bevo’s Christmas card list.  You can recover from that kind of early loss, especially when you wear helmets painted with real gold. I still think Notre Dame will make the playoff if it finishes 11-1. The Irish have a national schedule and play on national television every week. They are backed by a higher power (NBC) and still have poll-climbing opportunities against Michigan State, Stanford, and maybe even USC. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.