Labor Day weekend got advertised into our over-saturated brains as the most scintillating opening act in college football history.

And it was!

Early second Saturday was a step down—more labor than love–but Saturday night’s comeback action was so good it even lapped the SEC-ACC 500 field at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Arkansas rallied hard to whip Texas Christian in a double-OT thriller; Utah held off Brigham Young in the Holy War when the Cougars failed on a two-point try to win.

The SEC, after a soul-searching first week, won some pride back, led by impressive comebacks by Tennessee and the Hogs.

Alabama won comfortably over Western Kentucky but the take-away was Nick Saban screaming at offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin in a tantrum Saban would later would reclassify as an “ass-chewing.”

Rankman the lip reader believes he saw Saban say “Get me Sarkisian!!” The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.