Gould Headshot squareCan the Big Ten land two teams in the College Football Playoff?

This week will tell a lot. But Ohio State and Michigan have history on their side.

The Buckeyes and Wolverines checked in at No. 3 and No. 4 in the AP poll this week. Their most obvious path is to win out and play an epic game in the Horseshoe on Nov. 26 that leaves everyone wanting a rematch.

They pretty much did that in 2006, when Ohio State defeated Michigan 42-39 in a frantic battle between unbeatens on Nov. 18, the day after Bo Schembechler died. I covered that game. That was a very eerie week.

There was serious chatter about a national championship rematch. In the end, Ohio State got clobbered by Florida in the BCS championship game and Michigan lost to USC in the Rose Bowl. But Buckeyes-Wolverines wasn’t out of the question.

A single-conference championship game finally happened in 2011, when LSU beat Alabama 9-6 in November and lost 21-0 in their title showdown.

Even with the new four-team playoff, a lot of dominoes need to fall into place for both the Buckeyes and Wolverines to qualify. But some of them are coming up on Saturday. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.