Rankman once ran as a member of the “Know-Nothing” party but otherwise tries to stay out of politics; thus it is only due to lack of football ability that no schools from North Carolina are ranked. The L.A. Rams weren’t in the top 16 last week because this is a college poll, but we dropped them anyway after last week’s performance against San Francisco. It seems a safe bet that Rankman, by season’s end, can continue to boast he covered the last winning team for the Los Angeles Rams. That was 1989, which also ended with a loss at San Francisco, the game where former Purdue quarterback Jim Everett fell down after hearing the footsteps of Charles Haley (James Madison). Clemson retreats four spots this week after Troy sneaked into town and dropped hidden players out of a horse. Georgia also slips after it slipped on a banana peel against Nicholls State. Rankman also refuses to apologize to ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi for continuing to ignore Baylor. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.