LSU fires Tiger coach Les Miles after Saturday’s 18-13 loss to Auburn. This move, which was not unexpected in the long term–Miles has been on a seat which has been warm for the past several years–will have ramifications which will affect several conferences and schools.

Here’s why.

With LSU open, Houston coach Tom Herman becomes a prime target. But Houston is on the cusp of elevating itself to Power 5 status if it receives an invitation to the Big 12.  If that happens, Houston officials have already put a $5 million a year pay raise into Herman’s contract as an incentive to stay.

If Houston is not invited, that offer disappears, Houston will be facing a financial crisis because it has over extended itself to pay for the improvements it felt necessary to join the Big 12, which will offer eventual payments as much as 6 times more than it is now receiving from the American Athletic Conference.

Without that invitation, Herman will no doubt be gone by January and in the middle of a bidding war from several schools. And Houston could fall back into the also ran category.

There is already speculation that Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin, who is ready to re-emerge as a head coach after having stops at USC and Tennessee,, could become a contender.  That probably won’t happen, but Kiffin’s name will be mentioned. So will FSU coach Jimbo Fisher, who also has SEC ties.

There is also a rising sense of uncertainty of what will happen at Oklahoma to Coach Bob Stoops, if the Sooners, who have been beaten soundly by Houston and Ohio State this season, continues to falter.

Generally, the silly season of coaching rumors and hirings and firings doesn’t start until at least Halloween. Apparently it has already started. Stay tuned.



  1. Alabama–Tide  swept past Kent State and have another bye next week against Kentucky.
  2.  Ohio State–Buckeyes didn’t play this week and face Rutgers next week. Nice to have vacations in middle of a school year.
  3.  Michigan–Wolverines defense got kinks out of system last week against  Colorado and rolled past Penn State. On to Wisconsin in the Big House on Saturday.
  4.  Louisville–Cards have another statement  game challenge this week at Clemson


  1. Wisconsin–Was supposed to get smoked against  LSU in opener. Wisconsin won. The Badgers were supposed to get rolled over at Michigan State on Saturday. They won going away. They travel to the Big House this week to take on the Harbaugh Project and Michigan. The Wolverines better be careful.
  2.  Texas A&M–Was regarded as an SEC after thought in the pre-season SEC chatter, well behind, Alabama, LSU, Tennessee, Georgia and even Florida. After romping past Arkansas 45-24 on Saturday, the Aggies are 4-0 and climbing in the rankings. Their next three games, South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama will determine whether they are real.
  3.   Utah–Won 10 games a year ago and hardly anyone noticed. The Utes are 4-0 this season and they are the best team in the Pac-12 this side of Stanford and Washington and people had better start paying attention. USC  knows who the Utes are after a 31-27 loss on Friday and when is Ute coach Kyle Wittingham going to get on more people’s “hot”  list? The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.