Sunday shook me sideways and I know I wasn’t alone.  If it didn’t make you wonder, I’d wonder what was wrong with you. If it didn’t make you cry, you may need new tear ducts. If it didn’t make you think, I wouldn’t know what to think of you.

Sunday rose in the East and arced its angry way across our sky.  It produced a complex, dawn-to-dusk, cacophony of emotions that landed my byline back on A-1 of Monday’s Los Angeles Times.

This was interesting given I had parted ways with the grey lady last December.

I knew golfing legend Arnold Palmer was going to die, and that I had written his “advance” obit several years ago. This is a necessary, preemptive duty at big city newspapers.

I knew I had left behind a few obits of famous people that were going to reconnect me to the paper where I worked for more almost four decades. I knew this reconnect would always be associated with someone’s death.

What I didn’t know was that Palmer was going to die THIS Sunday, on the same day a 24-year old rising star from the Florida baseball Marlins would be taken in a boating accident.

A young life, and a perfect life, snuffed out within hours.

I didn’t know Arnie was going out on the same day Vin Scully announced his last home game for the Dodgers, which ended with a walk-off homer by a journeyman player.

Or, that the fickle finger of fate would strike two days after Kevin Costner saluted Scully, at Dodger Stadium, to the soundtrack of “Field of Dreams.”

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