It took a couple of warm-up weeks but Rankman, after going 4-1 against the spread last week, has finally figured out gambling. It’s almost time to mortgage the house and spend the kids’ college money. We’ll give it one more week just to be sure. The trick, we figured out, is to take Stanford and the 3 against UCLA and then wait for a fluke, meaningless, fumble return for TD with the clock at 0:00 to turn a push at 16-13 into a 22-13 pay off. See how easy it is? This week we’re staking victory on errant an Frisbee toss from the stands at Clemson to distract Louisville’s kicker on a last-second field goal for the win. The key, folks, is studying these teams and making intelligent decisions based on sound information. This week’s games are Notre Dame-Syracuse, Tennessee-Georgia and Louisville-Clemson. Plus a bonus, over\under pick on one of these games we this is O-V-E-R. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.