Rankman got cat-fished again, led astray by the promotional promise of three top-10 pairings the world would not soon forget.

To be honest,  I am already drawing blanks on two of three.

The trifecta fest kicked off Friday night in Seattle and ended Saturday night in Death Valley.

The games went from horrible-better-best, concluding with No.3 Clemson’s thrilling, 42-36, win over No. 4 Louisville.

The losing team had a chance to win but receiver James Quick came up a yard short for first down inside the Clemson 10. It wasn’t exactly a sell-out effort, as he reached for the first-down marker like a sports writer for a dinner check.

Oh well, at least his uniform didn’t get dirty.

Lo and Louisville behold, though, there were actually other games besides the three sold to us like laundry detergent.

Did you see Georgia defeat Tennessee, in Athens, on that beautiful touchdown pass by Jacob Eason with 10 seconds left?

Because no team could possibly blow a lead with 10 seconds left, right?


A bone-headed unsportsmanlike penalty by Georgia set Tennessee up for one last heave into the end zone.

Joshua Dobbs’ throw to Jauan Jennings, on the game’s last play, will go down in Knoxville as “The Orange Mary.” The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.