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The Beauty, and the Beast, of college football is that one game can change your life.

We saw that last week in Iowa City and Bloomington, Ind.

Northwestern, which was facing a 1-4 precipice, pulled a season-changer out of its purple hat, doinking Iowa 38-31.

And Michigan State, which had been considered a dark horse in a division—gulp—that includes galactic stars Ohio State and Michigan, got its face rubbed in it by Indiana 24-21 in overtime. After whomping the Hoosiers seven straight times. . .

Just call that one the Enigma Bowl.

Want a classier example? We’re going to see the roller-coaster of a 12-game season on a grand stage on the night of Oct. 15, when unblemished, unassailable Ohio State travels to nocturnally raucous, unflappable Wisconsin. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.