The Southeastern Conference is my favorite league but I wished it played more games–league games.

I wish it played nine, like the Pac 12, Big 12 and Big Ten do. Since it won’t do that it, shouldn’t all its members at least play eight?

Too much to ask, you say? Too taxing in the gruel and grind of unforgiving competition?

The way this is going, with a little help from pressure systems, Louisiana State and Florida could get the rest of their schedules PPD’d  and declare themselves co-national “Weather Channel Champions.”

Jim Cantore could present the trophies.

The SEC’s motto this year, interestingly, is “it just means more,” but this week it’s giving “less is more” a try.

What we’re witnessing is a great conference at a public relations low tide.

LSU was supposed to play at Florida on Saturday until a hurricane got in the way.

We get there was NO way the game should have been played in Gainesville on Saturday with the path of “Matthew” still unclear.

The game, however, should have been played somewhere on Sunday, with all options considered including Baton Rouge. South Carolina and Georgia, apparently the grownups in the room, saw the danger of Matthew and moved their game in Columbia to Sunday.

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