Three random things really hit me halfway through a Saturday, halfway through a season, halfway through a ham-and-Wisconsin cheese on rye.

–Alabama is really good.

–Clemson is really lucky.

–Rutgers is really awful.

No shirt, Sherlock, says anyone has been following Alabama since Nick Saban arrived in 2007.

Ok, but it’s easy to take for granted a program that has become almost “boring” great. With rare exceptions (Ole Miss), you never make it to the end of Alabama because it’s usually bedtime after two quarters.

It was same thing Saturday as I flipped channels on Alabama at Tennessee because it was headed for a 49-10 finish in which the home team would ultimately be asking for more Volunteers.

Sorry Verne, Sorry Gary. Sorry Peyton Manning, visiting the press box in Knoxville in an effort to keep us viewers from nodding off.

Danielson lost me, indefinitely, by donning a bathrobe during his chat with Manning.

In the long history of CBS programming, there have been people who I would have not minded seeing in a bathrobe. “Ginger” and “Mary Ann” come to mind—but not Gary Danielson. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.