History of the weekend, Part 1:

Thursday and Friday made a blatant and egregious play to upstage Saturday with two “great” games that ended too late for any God-fearing working man.

Boise State’s 28-27 win over Brigham Young on Thursday featured five turnovers for the winning team and BYU faking a punt on fourth-and-19 from its own five.

Hmmm, interesting—it didn’t work.

“Well, on film we thought we had it,” BYU Coach Kalani Sitake said on television on his way to the locker room at halftime.

BYU has had a lot close calls this year—losing four games by a total of eight points—but this wasn’t one of them. That was insane.

Anyway, moving on, to California’s 52-49 win over Oregon on Friday night. This one ended at 3 a.m. in the East and featured 203 total plays and 1,086 yards.

It went two overtimes. The teams combined for 14 penalties for 279 yards yet the only turnover came on the last play, a Justin Herbert interception to clinch it for Cal in the second OT. Herbert, a promising Oregon freshman who threw six touchdowns in defeat, cried on the field with his helmet on. That’s what you do when you’re a kid. He had to be consoled by teammates and it was about as close-knit as anyone’s seen the 2-5 Ducks all season.

Three hours later, morning horns started honking in the Bronx.

Doesn’t anyone play defense in the Pac 12, someone asked before knowing Colorado, the next day, would improve to 6-2 with a 10-5 win at Stanford?

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