Rankman is still scratching his noggin over the first release of the College Football Playoff scribblings. The committee ranked Texas A&M ahead of Washington on the basis the Aggies had four wins against winning teams compared to only two for the Huskies. But wait…one team is undefeated and the other lost a game by 19 points? Never mind that Washington leads TAMU in the AP, USA Today and FWAA Super 16 polls, plus several computers like Jeff Sagarin, Jeff Pythagorean, Anderson-Hester, Anderson-Chester, Chester-Gunsmoke, Barbara Billingsley, Barbara Boxer, Raymond Massey, Raymond James and the King James top-25 bible index.  Remember when the Pac 10 thought the BCS was unfair? Anyway, if you want unbiased, clinical, introspective analysis, look no further than Rankman’s hot mess of weekly listings. Enjoy, or not. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.