A couple of years ago, I had the honor of serving on the mock selection committee for the College Football Playoff.

Got to stay at the swanky hotel in North Texas and sit in the war room seat held by then-member Pat Haden (no wise-cracks, please).

It was a fascinating insight into how the four-team playoff process works.

At the end, Arkansas athletic director and committee chair Jeff Long asked us “mockers” to share our thoughts on the process.

I told him it was imperative the top 25 list had credibility, top to bottom, every week.

Don’t give crazy fans MORE reasons to float conspiracy theories and claim bias against certain West Coast conferences that play late games.

Well,  after one week, the committee has already spit one bit.

And now it has a credibility problem.

Last Tuesday, it released a first top 25 that ran contrary to almost every poll and rating index available.

It shunned those of us who follow this stuff with a top of four of Alabama, Clemson, Michigan and Texas A&M, the latter the only one-loss team in the bunch.

It left undefeated Washington, No. 4 in both major polls, at No. 5.

Saturday, Texas A&M laid an ostrich egg with a loss at last-place Mississippi State.

Washington answered the committee Saturday night, by going “Route 66” at California.

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