Gould Headshot squareIt’s not about fun and games at Michigan this week. It’s just about games.

What we saw at Jim Harbaugh’s Monday meet-the-press session, and what we’re likely to see for the final two weeks of the season, is Coach Harbaugh. With a Capital C.

He showed up in his Bo Schembechler ballcap and his Woody Hayes eyeglasses, wearing his shirt with the dunking Michael Jordan/Nike logo.

He took the questions calmly. And answered them concisely.

For all of his many unconventional ways, Harbaugh is at bedrock, a very traditional coach. Thorough and single-minded.

And Harbaugh knows what’s at stake now. Despite the shocking 14-13 surprise loss at Iowa that ended their unbeaten ways, the playoff door is still open for the Wolverines. But it’s only open a crack now.

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