1495134_me_lat_bio_portraits_JLCThe race is on in America’s Greatest Football Conference…for distant second.

I can’t remember more “blew by you” drop off  in a league that prides itself on top-to-bottom fitness.

What in God’s creation is going on in the Southeastern Conference?

On top you have almighty Alabama, maybe the best Alabama team Nick Saban has assembled, and then you have…what?

Tuesday’s third release of the College Football Playoff ranking was revealing in many ways.

What caught my eye was seeing only ONE school from the SEC ranked among the top 14. Now, that school happens to be the best team in the country, in my opinion, by a long hoot and pack of Chesterfield’s.  And I consider Alabama the most prohibitive favorite to win the title since any team I can remember since Miami in 2001, or USC in 2004.

The rest of the SEC, however, has slipped on some hog slop.

The second-ranked SEC team in the CFP ranking is three-loss Auburn at No. 15. And those mighty Tigers are coming off a disturbing loss at not-so-gorgeous Georgia.

Ok, somebody, please identify the SEC’s second best team? The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.