Gould Headshot squareWe’re at that point in the college-football season where the arguments about who’s worthy, and who’s not, of joining Alabama in the Final Four, really become heated.

How to solve it: It’s as simple as 2-3-4.

The arguments are not confined to discussions about Louisville and Clemson, Ohio State and Michigan, Washington and Oklahoma.

I love the Barry Alvarez conspiracy theories, too—the ones that apparently believe the Wisconsin AD has enough magical clout to inflate the Big Ten’s influence. I don’t know enough about them to debunk them. But I’ll debunk them, anyway, by saying, `This is America. Everyone is free to manipulate the system.’

When No. 2 Clemson, No. 3 Michigan and No. 4 Washington all went down on Saturday, that neat little unbeaten-four package went out the College Football Playoff committee’s office window.

And in came the arguments.

Well, gather round. And let Uncle Herb explain to you how to take the quandary out of the conundrum.

Just let the champion from each league advance. It’s a concept so basic that it pre-dates the original ancient-Greece Olympics—you know, the ones where they had naked wrestling but not beach volleyball.

David beats Goliath. David advances. No committee needed.

Yes, there is the little issue of five leagues and eight slots.

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