1495134_me_lat_bio_portraits_JLCLast week was a great week to be a loser–how come nerds never catch breaks like this? Rankman wanted to send Michigan, Clemson and Washington straight to bed without dessert but ended up letting them stay up late, eat cake and watch a Pac 12 game until 2 a.m. Sometimes, though, your hands are tied and there’s nothing you can do. That was last weekend. Michigan, Clemson and Washington all lost their first games but there was no corner to put these brats in. How low were you supposed to drop these guys when everybody after No. 6 has two losses or more? You couldn’t do anything but say, “You got lucky this time, but if I EVER catch you losing to unranked Iowa again, I swear you’re grounded…” So, onward we go into late ranking November.

1: Alabama (10-0):  Mixed up Nick voted on Halloween, put candy out on election night and thought Columbus Day was playoff semi vs. Ohio State.  (1)

2: Ohio State (9-1): Nebraska, Maryland and Rutgers ask for reinstatement to old leagues after being taken to Woody shed, 182-6. (5)

3: Michigan (9-1): Lost to Iowa, which lost to North Dakota State, which lost to South Dakota State, which lost to Cal Poly, which lost to North Dakota.  (2) The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.