(An outsiders musings about the goings on at The Heights, aka Boston College)

One of the intriguing parts about college football is that whenever you look at teams that are having problems, you can generally always find another team that is having even MORE problems.

Which brings us to The Heights and the ongoing story about the woes of BC and Eagle’s coach Steve Addazio.

First the bad news. The Eagles are 4-6, with two games remaining–a home game against UConn on Saturday and a road game at Wake Forest next week.

They need to win both wins to guarantee a bowl slot.  But the 4-6 record is deceiving. When the Eagles lose–they are 1-6 in the ACC this season–they have been beyond bad.

Here’s are some numbers to ponder. In the previous THIRTY seasons, two BC teams have lost games by more than 40 points two times–in 1992 and 1995.  In the past three MONTHS, BC has lost 3 games by more than 40 points and they lost a fourth game by 38.

But as bad as that has been, with questions swirling about the direction of a football program that is 1-14 in Atlantic Coast Conference play the past two seasons, BC will be facing a UConn team on Saturday that is facing bigger problems, both short term and long term. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.