1495134_me_lat_bio_portraits_JLCLast week was crazy because three teams in the top five lost and the national needle barely nudged.

It was like a giant game of “footsie.”

Clemson lost at home and dropped two spots to No. 4, Michigan lost and stayed at No. 3 and Washington lost and nose-dived all the way from four to… six.

How do you recover from these kind of calamities?

Answer: wake up the next day.

This week was crazy because only one top-10 team lost, No. 5 Louisville, but it created about the same amount of ranking yawns.

One of these weeks, I swear, we’re going to be able to distinguish the difference between winning and losing.

The Big Ten is so beloved, top-heavy and politically connected it really doesn’t matter at this point what their teams do.

Ohio State nearly lost Saturday at mushy Michigan State—but it was no sweat.  The Buckeyes won’t budge off their No. 2 perch as people make the case they don’t even have to win their division to make the four-team playoff.

For this we can thank Spartans’ Coach Mark Dantonio,  working on behalf of the larger Big Ten cause.

Michigan State had a chance to tie Ohio State, 17-all, with plenty of time in its game at East Lansing.

Coach D, though, opted to go for two, and failed, which handed Ohio State a critical “data point” in this playoff puzzle.

Michigan lost last week at Iowa and struggled Saturday to beat Flimsy-ana by 10. This one was at home, too, at the Big House.

Michigan’s wobble won’t even register on the Schembechler scale.  The Wolverines will likely stay at No. 3 this week—that’s just the way these things work. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.