Gould Headshot squareIt’s a game so big it’s merely The Game, not The Big Game.

No. 3 Michigan and No. 2 Ohio State.

If Michigan wins, it goes on to its first Big Ten championship game, where it will be favored to win—and advance to the four-team College Football Playoff.

If Ohio State wins, and Penn State handles Michigan State, the Nittany Lions are in the Big Ten title game. And the Buckeyes’ playoff fate is in the hands of the infamous CFP committee.

But this much is known: The Wolverines-Buckeyes rivalry burns as hot as any in the nation in an average year. And this year is an exceptional year.

While acknowledging the game’s importance, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh was appropriately buttoned-down.

A Columbus sportswriter tried to give Harbaugh something to swing at with this question: “You’re going to a place where they don’t know what to make of you Some say you’re crazy like a fox, some say you’re just crazy. But they all say you’re progressive. Can you describe who you are to Ohioans?’’

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