Mark Blaudschun

Officially, or unofficially, if  you do not worship in the chapel of ESPN, this is “Rivalry” weekend, when traditional games are added to the spice of conference championship races.

This year is a target rich environment, with Washington at Washington State,  Michigan at Ohio State and Auburn at Alabama highlighting the schedule, with each of those games set up as catalysts for changes in the rankings.

Washington-Washington State will decide the Pac-12 North title, Michigan at Ohio State will determine the Wolverines’ fate and either keep the Buckeyes in the mix or eliminate them from consideration for the Final Four, and Auburn can spoil Alabama’s unbeaten season, if not its chances for back-to-back national championships.

But there is another drama unfolding in the South and Southwest which will have long time ramifications between two teams who are NOT traditional rivals, LSU and Texas The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.