1495134_me_lat_bio_portraits_JLCWait one food coma, tryptophan minute: you’re telling me the Iron Bowl, this year, is less important than the Apple Cup?

How do you like them rotten apples?

Not the “Iron Skillet,” the series battle between Fort Worth and Dallas won pan-handily this year by Texas Christian over Southern Methodist.

We’re talking Auburn vs. Alabama and the most important college football element on the periodic table.

There may be no “i” in team but there is one in “Iron,” and this selfishly sensational game should never be anemically confused with Iron poor blood.

Yet, here we sit, on Nov. 23, one day from Thanksgiving, two days from an Apple Cup everyone is talking about and three days from an Iron Bowl that Alabama can afford to lose and still make the playoff.

It’s one thing not to care about an Iron Bowl on rare occasions neither school is very good. But that’s not the case here. Alabama is 11-0 and ranked No.1 in the latest committee ranking, while Auburn is 8-3 and ranked No. 13.

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