So, a USC kid dropped a touchdown pass right in his stomach last week that cost Rankman the “over” bet against UCLA. I mean the ball hit him right in the Tummy Trojan. Whadda ya gonna do?  That biscuit-in-the-basket drop cost me a win-it-all-back, 7-3 week that would have put me plus-two over .500 for the season. Most often a 6-4 weekend would be welcomed at the TMG sports book but not when you’re trying to make up for lost dimes. Last week’s whiff of success, however, only leads me to this week’s treasure trove of Thanksgiving games. I’m going all in, again, betting 10 games with every fake dollar left in my Swear Jar. My games are  Michigan-Ohio State, Notre Dame-USC, Kentucky-Louisville, Western Michigan-Toledo, plus six over-under bets. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.