(An outsiders musings about goings on at Boston College, aka The Heights)

So give Boston College credit. The Eagles did what they had to do when they had to do it, which was beat a bad UConn team and a slumping Wake Forest team which had already clinched a bowl berth.

The final move came on Saturday in North Carolina where the Eagles posted a come-from-behind 17-14 win over Wake and elevated their record to 6-6, which means bowl eligible.

If you want to nitpick and say four of BC’s wins came against UMass, UConn, Buffalo and Wagner, go ahead. It doesn’t matter. BC has enough wins to qualify for a bowl game.

If you want to say that in their six victories, only FCS  opponent Wagner (6-5) had a winning record and that three of their wins against UConn, UMass and Buffalo were against opponents who were a combined 7-29, go ahead. It doesn’t matter. Only the 6 wins matter.

If you want to say BC was 2-6 in the ACC  this season and 2-14 the past two seasons, go ahead. It doesn’t matter. BC has enough wins to qualify for a bowl game.

If you want to say that BC coach Steve Addazio doesn’t deserve another season because the Eagles were still a bad team, go ahead. It doesn’t matter. He will be be back next season, well aware that the clock on his future will again start ticking if the Eagles stumble at the start.

If you want to say BC will have a a new athletic director, next season, go ahead. That observation is probably correct. In fact, sources at BC say the search for a new AD to replace Brad Bates is ongoing and it could be completed by the end of this calendar year, although that may be a stretch.

If you want some names, both long shots and feasible, put former BC football coach Tom O’Brien and current VCU athletic director (and former Eagle) Ed McLaughlin and Army athletic director Boo Corrigan in the “candidate” pile to consider.

But the bit of business that BC fans want to know right now is where will the Eagles go bowling next month. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.