It was the kind of channel-flip day you dream up for late November—well worth the risk of carpel tunnel syndrome.

Wake up, make coffee, plop lap-top computer onto self on living-room recliner. Put blanket between computer and lap to minimize radiation risk.

Position TV remote near left thigh and computer mouse near right. Note pad? Check. Ball-point pen? Check. Athlon’s 2016 College Football Preview. Yes.

Current copy of latest College Football Playoff ranking? Yes. Latest Las Vegas lines on point-spreads? Covered.

“Honey, hold my calls and tell the Mormons this is the wrong Saturday to come-a-knockin’ for my soul.”

Seven (AM), Eight (AM), Nine (AM)…Blast off Michigan at Ohio State.

Any Saturday that features Jim Harbaugh breaking his headsets on the ground and charging afterward–“I was bitterly disappointed with the officiating”—is worth the price of a cable bill.

That and USC players, 10 hours later, sitting around hoping Utah could do them a football favor. (Fat chance).

Not only did Michigan at Ohio State NOT disappoint, a grammar double negative normally to be avoided, but the game in Columbus set off a number of “data point” dominoes.

Ohio State’s win, 30-27, in double-OT, will be rehashed for years. It was more tension-filled than it was well-played, but all that was forgotten when Michigan thought it had won on a fourth-and-one stop in the second overtime.

Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett either did-or did not-reach the line to gain that allowed the Buckeyes to win the game on the next play.

How big was this?

That inch of referee’s discretion likely clinched a playoff spot for No. 2 Ohio State as it knocked No.3 Michigan out of the playoff.

Harbaugh was so miffed he might open a satellite camp Sunday in commissioner Jim Delany’s office.

Conspiracy theorists will posit the Big Ten wanted Ohio State to win because it kept alive the conference getting two playoff teams.

It should be noted Michigan outplayed Ohio State for most of the game and could have won by double digits had its quarterback taken better care of the ball. And by “better” we mean not fumbling at the two, throwing a pick-six and one other interception that led directly to another score.

Bo and Woody would have cringed at the reckless ball protection and inefficiency at quarterback. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.