Gould Headshot squareBitterly disappointed.

That’s a phrase we’ve heard often this fall—from protesters taking to the streets to. . . Jim Harbaugh’s officiating rant.

We should all be disappointed in the Michigan coach for taking the focus off of a game that will be long remembered as a classic in what might be the best rivalry in sports.

Ohio State-Michigan.

We should be celebrating the revival of a great rivalry. And that’s not easy to say when one team (Ohio State) has won 12 of the last 13 meetings.

But that appears to be the case. If Michigan could come oh-so-close, losing 30-27 in overtime in Harbaugh’s second season, despite playing a quarterback who had missed the previous game with a collarbone injury, the Wolverines will have their turn(s) soon. A case could be made that Michigan outplayed the Buckeyes, which partially explains—but does not justify—Harbaugh’s petulance.

We should be anticipating another golden era, the promise of Bo-and-Woody-like clashes between Harbaugh and Urban Meyer, who were born in the same Toledo hospital. Ten Years War? This could go on far longer than that.

Instead, we’re stuck with deploring Harbaugh’s complaints about officiating. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.