We at TMG feel for the College Football Playoff selection committee. Our rankings are for fun. The real committee, though, is staring at a fiery inferno if the Big Ten champion loses a playoff spot to a team (or two) from the Big Ten that didn’t win its own division. Making tough decisions is the price the committee must pay for eating all those A-quality cheese balls from the buffet tray. We will continue to pick team names out of a 10-gallon hat and randomly order them with comments. Rankman also doesn’t understand all the fighting over the No. 4 position in the CFP ranking. Doesn’t that mean you have to play Alabama? Good luck to all on this final regular-season weekend not counting Army-Navy, which is being played a week from Saturday right before Baker Mayfield wins the Heisman. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.