1495134_me_lat_bio_portraits_JLCSAN JOSE—The stakes for tonight’s Pac 12 championship game at Levi’s Stadium are…confusing?

Maybe “muddled” is a better word, or “befuddling.” Or six words with a question mark: “beats the hell out of me?”

Or, any words that stand in opposition to “clear” or “that’s what I thought.”

I cried at the end of “The BCS Story” because the directors  killed off the thing I loved best about college football—the utter chaos.

I thought the new four-team playoff, selected by men and women in suits and pants suits, would be boring.

This weekend has not only proved me wrong, it put Rankman in the back of a Dodge rental mini-SUV and headed up Highway 101 to Washington vs. Colorado.

Part of me still doesn’t know what I’m here for.  Part of me feels like Geraldo Rivera looking for Al Capone’s vault.

Maybe I came for a better explanation.

The Rose Bowl, so long the thrilling landing spot for the Pac champion, can’t even extend an invitation or hand out roses. It’s that complicated.

Let’s see if I don’t have this straight.

Colorado will win a Rose Bowl bid if it wins tonight, but also if it loses. If Colorado loses bad, however, then maybe USC goes to the Rose Bowl and Colorado slides to the Davy Crockett (Alamo).

Washington clinches the Pac 12 title with victory but not a spot in the playoff. The Huskies must win and stay No. 4 in the final committee ranking on Sunday.

That seemed a reasonable think to think until chairman Kirby Holcutt this week said this: The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.