Welcome to Rankman’s Last Pick 3 Stand, the end of months of hand-wringing over point spreads and the over-under. Hours of sweating over the foibles of 19 year kids with acne and suspicious line-to-gain spots from Big Ten referees with big beefs against the head coach from Big Blue. So how we doing? Meh. Last week’s 4-6 record brought my season record to 30-32-3, which sounds more like the beauty-pageant measurements of a very unattractive swimsuit model. So this weekend is the last round-up to make it all up before my annual bowl picks. In the NFL they call this bet “Monday Night Football,” a chance to recoup the sins of Sunday Day Football. We’re going all in again, boom or bust, in an effort for this bettor to break .500 or better. Here’s my last big bunch of picks:  The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.