Remember when the BCS screwed up every other year and people said: “What we need is a committee!”

Don’t let computers decide the national champion.

“Death to the BCS,” one book successfully proposed.

All we need to do is gather 12 reasonable people in a room and let them pick the participants.

Smart folks will know what to do.

Ok, here’s your committee. Here are your smart people. And here’s your nightmare.

All the wrong things happened this weekend for the College Football Playoff selection panel, presently holed up in at a four-star hotel in the Lone Star state.

Your move, Condi Rice, Tyrone Willingham, Barry Alvarez and Co.

You didn’t get your bail-out wish. The whole weekend went to hell in a hand basket and now you’re saddled with a huge controversy.

“It’s on you now, the committee,” Penn State Coach James Franklin appropriately bellowed to the crowd in Indianapolis after his team had the nerve to beat Wisconsin in Saturday night’s Big Ten title game.

Yes it is.

There is no way around this mess because you already anointed a team, Ohio State, which couldn’t play Saturday because it didn’t win its own division.

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