Some thoughts while waiting for the Washington-Alabama kickoff.

Here’s hoping this finish to the 2016 season is the nightmare schedule that WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

I’m gonna have to tape Clemson-Ohio State because, you know, some of us have a life that does not include New Year’s Eve football.

Worst of all, by the time I watch, it will be next year.

Equally BAD is this business of having to wait until Monday to watch New Year’s Day bowl games. I don’t ever want those games on Jan. 2.

Stop the madness. . . Stop showing college football games when we don’t want them. Show them when we want them.

Which is on New Year’s Day. And not on New Year’s Eve.

I know. I know. The NFL. Yada yada.

Well, I’m hereto tell you we do not have a watchable NFL team in Chicago. The team we have, I wouldn’t watch with [insert your politically incorrect vision-impaired person here]’s eyes.


Has anybody else noticed how many bowl games matched up teams that used to be in the same conference?

Poinsettia: BYU-Wyoming (WAC)

Quick Lane: Boston College-Maryland (ACC)

Russell Athletic: Miami-West Virginia (Big East)

Texas: Kansas State-Texas A&M (Big 12)

If somebody looked real hard, I’m guessing they might find a couple more.

One thing you won’t find. . . former Big Ten rivals meeting in a bowl game. Nobody’s taking that pay cut.


If the NFL’s entire Sunday slate comes up with as many thrills and spills as the fourth quarter of the Florida State-Michigan Orange Bowl, it will have had a good day.


While I was flipping between Minnesota’s impressive Holiday Bowl showing and Minnesota’s tough basketball loss to Michigan State, I was wondering how sports staffs in the Twin Cities handled that double duty.

And then there was Indiana’s shocking basketball loss to Nebraska bumping into Indiana’s not-so-shocking loss to Utah in the Foster Farms Bowl.

And then there was Louisville getting thumped in the Citrus Bowl at the same time that Louisville was hooping it up against Indiana.

These would have been tough deals back in the day of high-octane sports staffs. With the new economy models, quite a challenge.

Once, when I was on the horns of that dilemma, it was a choice between going to Las Vegas with Illinois basketball, or watching Illinois football on Thanksgiving Day in Champaign.

Even though Illini football was on the verge of clinching the Big Ten championship, I opted to stick with the basketball team, which was No. 2 in the nation.

Because it was easier for the office to send somebody to Champaign for a day than to send them to Las Vegas for several days, I took one for the team.


Happy New Year to all.

With the exception of the Cubs’ heart-warming end to 108 Years of Solitude, I expect that 2016 will long be remembered as a year to forget.