Twitter member with 15 followers strips Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany of best-league medal after conference goes 3-7 in bowl games.

Bowl-game records by conference are fun and great to talk about around a camp fire. Like Justin Bieber or any Kardashian, however, they are not to be taken THAT seriously.

A lot has been made by the post-Guttenberg press media about the Big Ten going 3-7 in the post season, allegedly rendering null and void one of the finest recent years in conference history.

The Big Ten entered bowl season with the hard-earned reputation of being this year’s top overall league, only to have that honor stripped like bars off a treasonous soldier (older readers who loved Chuck Connors in “Branded” will get that reference. “Branded, marked with the coward’s shame.” Theme song, by the way, written Dominic Frontiere, husband of former Rams’ owner Georgia).

Did the Big Ten have a rough bowl season?

Yeah, but we’re not ready, like Premier League football, to relegate the Big Ten to play next year with Sheffield Wednesday and Huddersfield. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.