TAMPA—-So who is this guy, this football coach who is one win away from being part of a select group of coaches who win national championships?

Who is this guy named William Christopher Swinney, who has become a rock star head coach at Clemson?

Who is this kid from Pelham, Alabama, a suburb of Birmingham, who became Dabo Swinney, after his old brother (by 15 months) started calling the new kid on the block, “”that boy”, which became Dat Boy, which  became “Dabo”?

Who is this former wide receiver, who was born and bred an Alabama fan and described the start of his career at Alabama more than 25 years ago in the following way on Sunday, “”I always tell everybody, I was a crawl on,” said Swinney. “”I was one notch below a walk on. I crawled on the field out there”? The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.