What’s all this naysayer talk, in my beloved parking lot of human sprawl, about the Chargers coming BACK to Los Angeles?

This is terrific news and I only hope it was in exchange for a Kardashian.  I say to the Chargers: “Welcome home.” Someone hail Joshua, or maybe Herb Albert, to blow his horn.  I do regret that one more team in town will further tax the already overstretched sports staff of my hometown L.A. Times.

Sorry about that and if that’s where this negativity is coming from, well, I get where it’s coming from.

Bill Plaschke, my former colleague and the paper’s prize-winning (but sometimes a bit reactionary) columnist, sounded like he wanted to build his own wall near Mexico to keep the Chargers out.

“We. Don’t. Want. You.” Plaschke wrote in the rarely-executed four word, four period, sentence.

What kind of Welcome Wagon is this?

My four-period rebuttal: That. Ain’t. Necessarily. So.

(Plaschke, it should be stated,  started in the San Diego Bureau of the Times and few objected when he moved up to L.A.)

Los Angeles went 20 years without an NFL team and now we have two teams.  That’s fan-tastic.

We should embrace this, notwithstanding the politics and the harboring of yet another wing-nut owner in Dean Spanos.

Look, we survived Dan Reeves, Jack Kent Cooke, Donald Sterling, Disney owning the Angels, FOX AND Frank McCourt owning the Dodgers.

We can handle Spanos. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.