In a classic case of ‘follow the money” administration, the University of Connecticut is giving up its home field advantage next season against Boston College to play a game against Boston College at Fenway Park.

According to several sources,  the Huskies are moving the Nov. 18 game from the Huskies’ Rentschler Field site to host BC in another “”football at Fenway”’ show, which was first revived last season when Notre Dame played a “home game” against Boston College at Fenway.

Why the Huskies’ would give up what would be a decidedly home edge at Rentschler for a game  five miles from the BC campus is just as perplexing as why BC would play Notre Dame in Boston.

The ironic part of this tale is that Notre Dame had a loose agreement to play UCONN at Fenway last season, but was nudged out because BC was afraid of being upstaged in its own city (home area) if it played a home game at Alumni Stadium at the same time that UConn and Notre Dame were meeting five miles down the road. So the Eagles made a power play and bumped UConn from the game. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.