Some people will stress the logjam in the Big Ten. Every team has shown inconsistency, which is likely to keep the league tightly bunched.

But patterns are emerging.

Bottom line: Nobody’s that good. But just about anybody—well, maybe not Rutgers—can win, especially at home. And especially when it’s coming off a bad loss.

Biggest winners so far: Maryland and Northwestern, which are showing the ingredients to have surprisingly good seasons. Actually, an unprecedented season at Northwestern. The Wildcats have never, ever played in the NCAA tournament.

Honorable mention: Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa and Penn State have had some good moments.

Biggest loser: Indiana. A home loss to Nebraska and a road loss at Maryland exposed the Hoosiers. IU no longer looks like a serious championship threat. But I suspect there’s too much talent for the troubles to keep mounting.

Dishonorable mention: Illinois, Michigan and Ohio State. At least the football powers had fun in the fall. John Groce, tracking for Illinois’ fourth straight March without NCAA Madness, is skating on increasingly thin ice in Central Illinois.

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