(Just wondering about some things as we slide into the heart of the college basketball season)

We know that the Atlantic Coast Conference won the national championship in college football with Clemson’s pulsating victory over  Alabama in the College Football National Championship game.

And we know that the ACC considers itself THE elite league in college basketball (argued only slightly by the other conferences).

But what was startling this week was to see a match up on Wednesday in a BASKETBALL showdown between Florida State and Notre Dame for the top spot in the ACC.

Excuse me?

Not Duke, Not Carolina, not Virginia. Not Louisville. But the Seminoles, ranked No. 10 and the Irish, ranked No. 15.

FSU won 83-80 in the game at Tallahassee.   This not a fluke, folks. The Seminoles are 17-2 and have already posted wins over Duke and Virginia. They did lose at North Carolina, but that’s almost never an upset against any team on the Tar Heels schedule. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.