You will hear the stories now. Lots of them, which is part of  the profile of a National Football League quarterback who is likely to be named the league’s MVP in a couple of weeks, while playing in his first Super Bowl.

I haven’t dealt much with Matty Ice, aka Atlanta Falcon quarterback Matt Ryan, for the past nine years. That’s what happens when you cover college football and watch boys turn into men as careers get started and blossom like Ryan and  Carolina linebacker Luke Kuechly who had his NFL coming out party in last year’s Super Bowl.

But I watched and got to know both Kuechly and Ryan when they played for Boston College.  And in 46 years as a sportswriter, I can say without hesitation that Ryan and Kuechly are my two favorite football players, not for what they did on the field, but for the kind of people they were and are.

So let’s go back and let me tell you some up close and personal Matty Ice stories. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.