UCLA football shares side-by-side coverage with USC in Thursday’s L.A. Times. With two new NFL teams in town, though, the 4-8 Bruins may have a tough time competing for coverage.

While other college football programs celebrated National Signing Day on Wednesday, UCLA faced a national day of reckoning.

The Bruins are in a bad spot politically and practically, by far the biggest “loser” with the Rams and Chargers having returned “home” to gobble up what precious news-hole space remains in our local metropolitan papers.

The sports editor of the L.A. Times is now greeted some mornings with more football teams in town than available sports pages.  It would not surprise me in the least if a top editor ordered the Wednesday section be reduced to three pages: Sports: “But that’s impossible! What’s on the back of page 3?” Top brass: “Make it work.”

Sports also has the Lakers, Clippers, Dodgers, Angels and two hockey teams to consider. Yet, my weekday paper most days is thinner than the La Habra Star, a paper I delivered as a boy in 1968.

So where do you think UCLA football ranks on the priority list?

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