This is the time of year when there’s a lot of blogging about Coaches on the Hot Seat.

The hottest seat in the Big Ten belongs to John Groce. Barring a major (and unfathomable at this point) turnaround, it appears that young athletic director Josh Whitman will have to say adios to Groce.

That’s not an easy thing to do, because Groce has won some friends in Champaign with the way he carries himself. He just hasn’t won enough games.

Because wants to be a full-service website, I am doing some homework on some good candidates to be Illinois’ next basketball coach. Coming soon . . .

Elsewhere around the Big Ten, I don’t see any other likely changes,  although I wonder a bit about Indiana and Ohio State.

Some Indiana fans, who expect the moon, will clamor for Tom Crean to be gone. The injury situation, while very serious, doesn’t explain everything. But a coaching change seems extreme at this point.

Then again, if you believe, the cost of making a coaching change drops to $1 million on July 17. It’s $4 million until then, the website says. Really?

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