The rumors started floating around the Boston College campus last summer. And they never really went away, although the sounds of silence at The Heights has grown louder when the future of BC President Father William Leahy is discussed, with retirement prominently mentioned.

By almost every measure, Father Leahy has done an outstanding job during his 20-year reign at BC. Overall he has done a great job fund raising, he has been the driving force in Boston College moving from the Big East to the Atlantic Coast Conference, which financially has been a hugely successful move for the Eagles. He has increased the academic profile of the school.

But athletically–at least for the past seven years–the Eagles have tumbled into an abyss. And while Father Leahy’s overall involvement in athletics is minimal, his influence in who gets hired and fired has been and remains enormous.

And now, as BC faces another change in management and perhaps direction with a search for a new athletic director underway,  Father Leahy’s influence presents a major road block to success.

Several sources familiar with BC contend that as long as Father Leahy remains in charge, the pool of qualified candidates for the athletic director’s job will be shallow.

BC, of course, will emphatically deny this. But in the fast lane of big time college athletics, perception is often reality and the perception about BC right now is that it is at the bottom or near the bottom of all Power 5 conference schools. It is not a good job. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.